Frequently Asked Questions

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Will your initial free appraisal give me enough information to make a decision?

The journey to deciding whether to proceed with a multiple dwelling development has to begin somewhere. Our process is designed to assist you in your decision making without wasting valuable money and time. Let’s help you find out whether your proposed project is possible. A brief discussion with an experienced person is often all it takes to cement your many thoughts and ideas.

What if the initial process discovers that I am only allowed to build a single dwelling on my land?

This is probably the most challenging outcome and surprisingly common. We have negotiated with several clients, to assist them in exploring whether it is worth spending the money and time required to legally change the status of their title. The cost to achieve this can be relatively small considering the ultimate financial and personal gains. We can help you in understanding the risks and benefits and then we can do it all for you.

Is my council keen to help me develop my property?

Each and every council is different and have their own objectives regarding their views on increasing densities. Stated policies are often open to interpretation by the council’s planning department and can differ between individual planners. Our experience is that meeting the needs of council is important, especially if you need them to be lenient regarding any flexibility in how they apply their policies.

Can we challenge a council decision that isn’t favourable for us?

Yes. All councils have their internal review processes, should you want to challenge their decisions. There are times however when you may want your project assessed by an independent arbitrator.

We help you to assess whether it’s worth having your project reviewed by VCAT. We will prepare a brief based on the council’s policies. We then represent you with a qualified planner along with professional services including independent reports.

How long will it take your company to prepare and deliver a report to us?

We conduct an initial appraisal within 24 hours of receiving your request. Once we have conducted an initial appraisal we respond within 24 hours of your enquiry to conduct a site visit. Depending on the scope of your site we then deliver a written report within 5 days. We simply need to understand what it is you would like to achieve with your site.

Will you visit our property without informing us?

We understand the sensitivity required when conducting a feasibility report, especially as you may have tenants renting your property. We never visit an address without an appointment and your prior consent.

Will you report give us an indication of the costs involved?

Yes. Once we have visited your site we can assess the factors that contribute to the cost of building on your site because a certain amount of building the costs are fixed. We are experience in building in new and established areas, which means that we are practised in site cost appraisals.

Can you assess site costs if we supply you with previously drawn or endorsed plans?

Our reports become much more accurate if you supply us with prepared plans. We can also give you accurate feedback regarding how compliant your proposal is and the associated site costs to build your proposed development.

Does your company offer a full design and town planning service?

We do offer a full town planning pack including plans and applications to council on your behalf, with an assured outcome which is compliant. Our initial feasibility service feeds into the full application, making the whole process smooth and highly cost effective.

Do I need to purchase both reports in order to understand the potential of my site?

Yes you do however there is a saving of 10.10 % if both reports are ordered together. We also offer a discount of $50 if you purchase the accompanying documents that we supply at our initially appraisal. We do not offer a footprint design and council representation without visiting your site first. We do however offer our site visit as a stand-alone service. It is a stepping stone to better understanding your site and its feasibility.

Am I able to order a feasibility report on a property that I don’t own?

Yes you can. Often our clients want to know what the potential of a property is, before making an offer to purchase or bidding at auction. Each property has a potential for development however there are no guarantees of a specific outcome. A feasibility report is definitely the first step towards understanding the potential of the property.

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