Onsite Visit and Evaluation Report

A visit to your site allows us to advise you of the best outcome, taking into account it’s unique location. A review of the streetscape, neighbouring properties and the local council planning regulations will inform us of the best useable area.

We visit your site, photograph and evaluate it and then list items that impact the potential for development. Factors such as access, supply of services, drainage, trees, etc. All affect your costs and viability of your proposed development

Detailed Onsite Evaluation Report

  • Existing street character
  • Neighbouring properties features
  • Existing street and adjoining property front setbacks
  • Boundary Setbacks to all adjoining properties
  • Any potential to impact on adjoining properties including overlooking, overshadowing and any loss of open space or private amenities
  • The potential impact of natural features such as orientation, site fall, gradients, trees including neighbours trees
  • Existing visible services to site including, easements, power poles, Telstra pits and street drainage
  • Written report provided.

Cost: $330-00 incl GST

Please Note:

This is a preliminary phase only and all information is based on preliminary discussions and information. As such it is not a guaranteed of a desired outcome. A full town planning application will be required to provide a guaranteed outcome assessed against all required criteria deemed necessary by local council.

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